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DevilMan Supports Our Troops & So Can You!


One night after work a bunch of us were drinking and talking and we realized that we had all either served in the military or had family members who had. Same thing with the guys doing our screenprinting. So, we came up with an idea to print a special DevilMan shirt for our guys serving overseas as a way to say thanks.


In August we shipped a carton of DevilMan Supports Our Troops shirts to a medivac unit serving in Afghanistan. Their company call sign is DustOff. These guys are some of the biggest bad asses around. They fly into hostile territory to evacuate wounded soldiers and get them somewhere safe where they can receive medical attention. And they manage to keep those helos flying in some of the shittiest conditions you can imagine.



People liked the shirts so much we decided to make them available on our website. Right now we are offering the military design on a desert sand shirt. If you want the first edition of this shirt, you need to order it now from our tshirt page here. We've printed only a limited number of these shirts and we won't be printing any more in this color.



We've partnered with Operation Second Chance and are donating a portion of the proceeds from every shirt sold to help them in their mission to provide emergency financial assistance to recently injured combat veterans from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Buy a shirt & help support a wounded soldier. Stand up for America & stand up for our troops. And if someone is dumb enough to say something derogatory about our troops feel free to kick the shit out of them, with our thanks.


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