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Elizabeth says she doesn’t want to die without having lived, so she tries to say yes to as much as possible. She is a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-skirt type of girl who thinks making plans in advance is ridiculous.

She started playing rugby eight years ago because she was searching the college bulletin board one afternoon looking for

 something to do. She saw a notice about playing rugby and 30 minutes later she was at practice.

Ms. DevilMan Elizabeth lives the DevilWear lifestyle to the fullest.

When she wanted a change of pace, she quit her job and moved across the country with whatever she could fit in her car. When she arrived in California, she moved into a hostel for a week until she found a place to live and then she started looking for a new job.

Elizabeth’s biggest fear is missing out on something fun, so she dares herself to do something new nearly every day. She’s tried waterfall diving in the Smokies, kayaked through the sea caves in LaJolla and done the zip lines in Jamaica.

Whatever the adventure is, Elizabeth is up for it and that’s why she’s Ms. DevilMan.


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Featured Devilman Joe

Like a lot of kids, Joe wanted to be a fireman. The difference is he actually went ahead and did it. So now when everyone else is running out of a burning building, Joe goes running into it. 


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