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Congratulations to the finalists in the Ms. DevilMan Contest!


 Who should be Ms. DevilMan? Vote for your favorite!






Danielle says she is hot, fun and wild and always has a good time no matter what







Danielle says she is hot, fun and wild and always has a good time no matter what. She is very spontaneous and is always up for anything. She lives her life to the fullest and says she should be your choice for Ms. DevilMan. If you agree, vote for Danielle.





















Elizabeth says she doesn’t want to die without having lived so she tries to say yes to as much as possible. She’s tried waterfall diving in the Smokies, kayaking through the sea caves in La Jolla and zip lines in Jamaica. Should Elizabeth be Ms. DevilMan? If not, she says she won’t notice because she’ll be too busy finding her next adventure.






















Katelyn has been racing motocross for six years and loves the adrenaline rush. She loves anything dirty and fun: trucks, cars, mud wrestling, camping, fishing, pit bikes. She also wanted us to point out that she does not look like a man. Vote for Katelyn if you think she should be Ms. DevilMan.























Nikki must be one of the coolest Moms around, just ask her two boys. She loves life and says she is always up for anything nuts, from drinking beers with her buddies to jumping off cliffs. She’s a lot of fun and is always up for a challenge. Nikki says she won’t let us down if she becomes Ms. DevilMan. If you agree, vote for Nikki.





Contest Rules: Contestants must be at least 18 years old and a citizen of the United States. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. All materials submitted become the sole property of DevilMan LLC and may be published from time to time without your further consent. We are not responsible for internet problems, inability to access the website or emails or votes that are lost, bounced or otherwise not received. We reserve the right to nullify any votes where we suspect voter fraud or manipulation. Members of DevilMan LLC and their immediate families are not eligible to enter. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries, judging and voting. The winner will have no official duties and will not be authorized to represent DevilMan LLC in any capacity. Voting ends at midnight Pacific time on August 4, 2010.



Meet Ms. DevilMan

You voted and chose Elizabeth to be Ms. DevilMan

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Featured DevilMan

Featured Devilman Joe

Like a lot of kids, Joe wanted to be a fireman. The difference is he actually went ahead and did it. So now when everyone else is running out of a burning building, Joe goes running into it. 


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