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Is It Real or a Fake?

Okay, folks, that crappy tshirt you bought for $5 out of the trunk of some guy’s car is not an official DevilMan™ shirt, even if it does have a design that looks something like Louie. Louie, who the hell is Louie? Louie is the DevilMan guy. His full name is Lucifer (his parents had a sick sense of humor), so he goes by Louie. He’s red and he might be small but he can kick your ass.

We don’t make shirts that have Louie out birdwatching or weeding his garden. Louie is a bad ass and he wouldn’t be caught dead at the neighborhood book club discussing Oprah’s latest pick. Yeah, those are not official DevilMan designs.

And we sure don’t make $5 tshirts. Every DevilMan shirt is 100% ringspun cotton, the expensive kind of cotton (and the lawyers are going to make us say that the heather shirts are 90/10 cotton polyester because that’s how you make a heather tshirt). Every shirt has quality features like double-needle stitching on the bottom hem and sleeves, reinforced shoulders and a set-in neck so it doesn’t chafe. These are not things you find on a cheap tshirt. And they’re preshrunk to minimize shrinkage because we all hate shrinkage.

If you’re a real DevilMan you don’t have time to examine a shirt for all these details, so just look for the DevilMan label sewn into every shirt. Of course, if you’re a real DevilMan you probably aren’t buying your clothes out of the trunk of some guy’s car either. Seriously, just because you’re wearing a $5 shirt with a design that some drunk chick at a bar might mistake as Louie does not make you a DevilMan. So, man up and buy a real DevilMan shirt, available only on our website. You’ll be amazed at the reaction you get from that girl when you’re wearing a real DevilMan shirt…yeah, you can thank us later.

The Devilman label means it's a quality product


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