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DevilMan Hall of Fame


Johnny Cash: “The Man in Black” was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, writing over 1,000 songs and releasing dozens of albums including live performances from Folsom Prison and San Quentin.  This Grammy winner was the youngest living inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame. He once declared he was “the biggest sinner of them all”, we know he was one of the baddest DevilMen of them all.


Jacques Cousteau: Oceanographer, photographer and explorer. Awarded the Legion d’Honneur for his work with the French Resistance. Co-inventor of the aqua-lung. He may have been French, but he was still a DevilMan.


Dale Earnhardt: Nascar driver whose aggressive driving style earned him the nickname “The Intimidator”. Was Rookie of the Year in his first season and went on to win 76 races and seven championships. He died in a last lap crash during the Daytona 500. Number 3 was a DevilMan for sure.


Farrah Fawcett: A multiple Golden Globe nominee and Emmy nominee, Farrah is best known for the iconic poster that graced the bedroom walls of millions of teenage boys in the 1970’s. She may not be your typical DevilMan, but what’s a DevilMan Hall of Fame without at least one babe?


Zane Grey: writer best known for his books on the Old West. His best-known work, Riders of the Purple Sage, is one of the most successful Western novels of all time and more than 100 films have been based on his novels and short stories. He helped popularize big-game fishing and invented the teaser, a hookless bait that is still used today. He may have started out as a dentist but he became a DevilMan.


Ernest Hemingway: writer, journalist, big game hunter and sport fisherman. Although he won both the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature, Hemingway was best known as a hard-drinking, hard-living man’s man. He was present for D-Day and the liberation of Paris, hunted in Africa and spent hours fishing the Caribbean.


Sir Edmund Hillary: mountaineer, explorer and philanthropist. Along with his guide Tenzig Norgay, this New Zealand beekeeper became the first person to summit Everest in 1953. He also made successful expeditions to the North and South Poles.


Evel Knievel: After losing his job as the driver of an earth mover when he popped a wheelie and drove it into the town’s main power line, Evel went on to try ski jumping, semi-pro hockey, rodeo and even insurance sales before becoming a motorcycle daredevil. He will always be known for his showmanship and wild spirit and his record 37 broken bones.


Bruce Lee: considered to be the most significant martial artist of the 20th century. His work as a martial arts instructor lead to the film and television roles that sparked American interest in the martial arts. He played Kato in the tv show The Green Hornet and starred in films such as Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon and Enter the Dragon. DevilMan Steve McQueen served as a pallbearer at Lee’s funeral.


Steve McQueen: Before joining the Marines, where he was demoted seven times, McQueen worked as a towel boy in a brothel, a lumberjack and an oil rigger. He went on to become the highest paid actor of the 1970s and earned the nickname “The King of Cool”. McQueen did his own stunts and raced motorcycles and cars. He was a true American bad ass.


General George S. Patton: known as much for his outspokenness as his military expertise. He conducted the first U.S. armored vehicle attack and refined tactics for the use of tanks in modern warfare. Old Blood and Guts received numerous military awards including the Distinguished Service Cross, the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. He is buried in an American cemetery in Luxembourg in accordance with his wishes to be buried with his men.


Frank Sinatra: Do we really need to explain why the guy who was known as the Chairman of the Board and whose signature song was I Did It My Way belongs in the DevilMan Hall of Fame?


George Steinbrenner: principal owner of the New York Yankees for 37 years. Purchased for less than $10 million in 1973, the Yankees went on to win 7 World Series titles and 11 pennants. In his first 23 seasons, he changed managers 20 times. He received a lifetime ban from the sport in 1990, which was lifted three years later. Anyone whose nickname is The Boss is a DevilMan.


Rell Sunn: Rell was Hawaii’s first female lifeguard and a pioneer in women’s pro surfing. She began surfing at age 4 and first competed at age 14. She was ranked the top female surfer in 1982 and was later inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame.


Captain Tony Tarracino: boat captain, politician, gambler and saloonkeeper known as “the conscience of Key West”. He dropped out of ninth grade to sell whiskey during Prohibition. After being beaten and left for dead over a gambling dispute with the Mafia in New Jersey he moved to Key West and became a shrimper and gun runner, eventually owning Captain Tony’s Saloon. He had 13 children, the last at age 70. Jimmy Buffet wrote “Last Mango in Paris” about the exploits of Captain Tony.


Pat Tillman: NFL player who gave up a career with the Cardinals to enlist in the U.S. Army after the attacks of September 11th. He was named to the 2000 Sports Illustrated All-Pro Team and turned down a $9 million contract with the St. Louis Rams out of loyalty to the Cardinals. Tillman was an Army Ranger who served several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.


John Wayne: star of countless movie classics, was known as Duke. Winner of an Academy Award and the Presidential Medal of Freedom and voted the third most popular movie actor in 2009, 30 years after his death. Wayne had requested that his tombstone say Ugly, Strong and Dignified. His Congressional Gold Medal says simply John Wayne, American. We say American icon and true DevilMan.


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