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He has a second degree black belt in tae kwon do and is now concentrating on muay thai boxing. His goal is to be a professional MMA fighter. We just know we wouldn’t want to look across the ring and see him in the opposite corner.


 Muay Thai is known as the Art of 8 Limbs because you can strike with your arms, legs, elbows and knees. It’s technical and aggressive. Adam fights at the junior level and says the rounds are the physically the fastest 90 seconds of his life but the slowest mentally because of the intense concentration required.


This ex-skateboarder now spends nearly all his free time in the gym. The special advanced fighting class he goes to twice a week has made him think about fighting in a different way, looking more at strategy and the philosophy of battle. That’s of course in addition to the 1000 crunches, 250 push-ups and endless combinations the instructor demands.


Like any true DevilMan Adam says he took up muay thai because it seemed like a challenge and he likes challenges. He also felt tae kwon do wasn’t physical enough and that muay thai would give him good fighting skills in case he ever needed them.


This 15 year old is in Junior ROTC and plans to join the Coast Guard when he graduates. He hopes to be stationed in Florida so he can train at the American Top Dog Gym, one of the best MMA facilities in the country.


Adam will be fighting in the Battle of Tampa Bay in late March. If you get a chance, stop by and watch him kick some ass. Then in a few years when he is a top MMA fighter you can say you saw this DevilMan fight back in the day.








October 2010


A few years ago, running was a way of life for Frank. While many would see 20 miles as a distance only traveled by gas powered vehicles, Frank saw it as a walk in the park. His commitment was so strong, in fact, that despite advice to stick to a treadmill during inclement weather he decided to run in the wake of Lake Erie during a massive thunderstorm. Every stride was his way of taunting the hammering bursts of light and sound from the “Thunder God” as he ran mile after mile immersed in what could have been his electrifying death. The flashes of light gave him new insight into his chosen sport and he branded himself with a lighting bolt tattoo to commemorate the moment. He had followed his own path and experienced one of the most exciting runs of his life. Perhaps the storm was mean to serve as a warning to Frank or perhaps it was just a storm, but the real struggles began during his next marathon.


Around mile 21 of the marathon, Frank almost passed out from a sudden recurrence of an old work injury. His leg cramped up repeatedly but he kept running and pushed through to the end. Stubbornness won the battle and he continued to compete in marathons for several months following the incident.  Finally after many excruciating runs, and the urging of his family, he submitted to tests, x-rays and an MRI at which time he received his life altering diagnosis.


As luck would have it a short time later, Frank happened to see a few videos of surfers who took advantage of the few waves Lake Erie provided them. He quickly joined the ranks of the lake surfers and body boarders and has enjoyed every moment of it. His newfound surfing hobby has led him to explore other more extreme ventures including biking, snowshoe hiking, kayaking, extreme skiing and snowboarding.


Frank’s new activities combined with longbow archery and maintaining his black belt AikiJitsu skills keep him busy year round and he says, “I don’t regret running hurt and if given the chance I’d do it the same all over again. It brought me new joys and new challenges. Life isn’t worth much if you don’t feel it when you live it.” 




 September 2010



Scott comes from a family that has been serving in the US Military since the time of the Revolutionary War.Before this he worked as a commercial longline fisherman, a roughneck and a disaster recovery specialist. Probably his most controversial decision was to enlist in the Marines out of high school-- he comes from a family that has been Army since the time of the Revolutionary War.


Scott’s first job out of the Marines was in seismic oil exploration. The guy doing the hiring warned him he would have to hike long distances every day carrying his equipment and overnight in rough camps in the wilderness. Scott’s only question was whether people would be shooting at him and when the answer was no, he signed on.


Scott works a three week on/three week off schedule so when he’s home he likes to go sea kayaking, four wheeling and snow machining (or snowmobiling to us non-Alaskans). He also fly fishes and shoots. When he’s not off on some outdoor adventure, he spends time with his wife and four kids, ages 5 to 20.Scott likes to go sea kayaking, four wheeling and snow machining.


Scott also likes to travel. Italy is one of his favorite places. He recently visited the oldest dance hall in Texas where George Strait got his start. And, he’s planning a trip to Argentina to fly fish with his dad.


So, if you are ever in Alaska, look for the guy with the DevilMan sticker on his hardhat, say hello and buy him a beer.






August 2010


Joe has been a firefighter for 15 years. He works on a ladder truck in Fairfield, Connecticut responding to fires, accidents, vehicle extrications and EMS calls.Like a lot of kids, Joe wanted to be a fireman. The difference is he actually went ahead and did it. So now when everyone else is running out of a burning building, Joe goes running into it. Joe has been a firefighter for 15 years. He works on a ladder truck in Fairfield, Connecticut responding to fires, accidents, vehicle extrications and EMS calls. One of the things he loves about his job is that every day is different and he never knows what crazy situation the next call will bring.



But being a firefighter isn’t the only thing that makes Joe a DevilMan. He went to the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and was volunteering in NYC shortly after 9/11. He participates in the department’s charity work, raising money for muscular dystrophy and cancer research and a camp where young burn survivors can go and enjoy being a kid again.


Joe has restored an old lobster boat and named it Daly’s Hope in honor of long-time friend and Medal of Honor recipient, Michael Daly. He is involved in preserving the history of Ye Yacht Yard, a Southport landmark and working boat yard. He also runs a business cleaning boat bottoms and has logged thousands of hours under the water using scuba equipment.In his free time, he is a part-time lobsterman, plays ice hockey and spends time with his wife, daughter and 4 year old son who he says is a DevilBoy.


In his free time, he is a part-time lobsterman, plays ice hockey and spends time with his wife, daughter and 4 year old son who he says is a DevilBoy.


The next time a fire truck goes screaming by, raise your glass and toast the men on board, one of them might be Joe and every one of them is a DevilMan.




July 2010


Jake’s first flat track race was at the Thunderdome, a small indoor track in upstate New York that’s so slippery they coat it with Coke syrup. He had such a blast, he knew then that’s what he wanted to do. In 2005 he started competing in AMA Amateur National Races. He had 24 wins at Lembo Lake Speedway and was New York State Champion in his class. He went on to become New England Amateur Champion.


Jake doesn’t like to waste time. He competed in his first pro race on his 16th birthday, the very first day he was eligible to race as a pro. Probably not too many of the guys Jake is racing against also have to worry about finishing their eleventh grade algebra homework, but that isn’t holding Jake back. His goal is simple: he wants to be the top ranked rider and we think he has a damn good chance of making it.


Jake will be on the circuit all this summer, so if you’re at the track look around for Number 58. If you get a chance to talk with him, he’ll tell you that he chose that number because it’s the number his grandfather had when he raced motocross in the 1950’s. With that family history, his fearless riding and the last name Quick, we predict Jake will be spending a lot of time in the winner’s circle.








June 2010


Rudi is a true DevilMan. He works hard and plays even harder. Rudi lives in Montauk and works as the first mate on one of Montauk’s top fishing boats. We’ve all heard fish stories, but Rudi has one that’s true.









A few years ago a charter client wanted to fish for shark. Shortly after setting up, the line started screaming and the fight was on. Little did anyone realize they would spend most of the afternoon battling a 764 pound mako, one of the biggest and meanest makos caught off Long Island in the last thirty years. The client was so impressed he got a new license plate for his car that read 764 MAKO.





Rudi usually works seven days a week sometimes for 30 hours straight, helping avid fishermen land cod, striped bass, tuna and sharks, often more than 60 miles out to sea. Rudi always pushes himself hard, knowing that it’s that extra effort that brings the extra fish into the boat at the end of the day.


When he’s not on the boat or at the dock, he can usually be found at one of Montauk’s eating and watering holes like the bar at the Westlake enjoying a well-earned frosty cold one. If the bar is too crowded Rudi has a foolproof method for making sure he and his friends don’t have to wait too long for another beer. He wears an oversize fisherman’s sweater and folds the front up like a kangaroo’s pouch so he can load up with as many beers as he can carry. If you happen to be in Montauk for St. Patrick’s Day, that would be Rudi standing on the picnic table on hill outside the Montauket tossing beers from his sweater down to the thirsty revelers.


In the off-season, Rudi makes the most of his free time. He enjoys the high life in New York City, surfs in Costa Rica and makes frequent trips to Italy where he still has family. Rudy especially enjoys Venice where his dad was a gondolier. This year Rudi was in Venice for Carnivale and of course his costume was a pair of devil horns.


So, if you happen to be in Montauk any time soon, stop by the Westlake and ask for Rudi and if he isn’t wearing his fisherman’s sweater buy this DevilMan a beer.


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Like a lot of kids, Joe wanted to be a fireman. The difference is he actually went ahead and did it. So now when everyone else is running out of a burning building, Joe goes running into it. 


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